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What’s the the next best thing to sleeping under a green field blanket this holiday season? How about an enchanting Enlightened Snowflake? Expertly designed by DisasterSkunk, these snowflakes will add crystallized MU to your home and hearth, and will be sure to bring you good tidings for many checkpoints to come.

Customization with your choice of message included at no additional cost.
Ornaments come boxed for shipping protection and includes with a tree hanger.

Orders are typically shipped within a week. We’re sorry we can no longer guarantee Christmas delivery.

Not Frequently Asked Questions:
In nature snowflakes always have 6 sides, what is this 8 sided deformity?

A: .XM makes water freeze funny. This snowflake is a model of the hyperlattice structure recorded by Dr. Bogdanowicz

“}gh concentrations of XM (>4000 ImU) were introduced during transition, quasiperiodic crystals with eightfold rotational symmetry were observed in <0.02% of samples. Bogdanowicz postulated that these quasicrystals are three dimensional reflections of hyperlattices with four or more dimensions,, possi.m.
laser refractography :white_small_square:iinsomnia, but pareidolia persisted]
&&bruptly ceased in 2013 when both teams resigned en masse.”

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